We’re Still Here!

As the creators of Official Lost and Found Day, we don’t blog much, as is evident from our lack of numerous blogs. But we’re still out here, watching and wishing everyone a Happy and Successful Official Lost and Found Day. It’s kind of crazy how big this day has become. Each year we see more and more companies, organizations, websites and even government agencies embracing the feel-good celebration of reuniting lost items with their owners on Official Lost and Found Day.

There’s no mystery as to why. The Lost and Found is a universal conundrum. Millions of things are lost and found every year. Some big, some small, some important, some…not so much. Sometimes we reconnect with our lost item without any intervention, like digging our car keys out of the couch, again. Sometimes we’d never find that lost coat without someone else’s thoughtful gesture of bringing it to the airport’s lost and found. It’s a cornucopia of possibilities and we’re all in this together.

So thanks to everyone who has felt the spirit of Official Lost and Found Day and trumpeted its message.

What’s been lost CAN be found!

About LostandFound

We at Lost and Found Day seek to help reconnect those who have lost an object with the object they have lost. How? By encouraging everyone to celebrate Lost and Found Day, of course!
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