Official Lost and Found Day 2021

With all of the loss the world has experienced over the past many months, it seems rather ridiculous to focus on stuff like lost coats and cell phones. We’ve lost time, people and, at times, we’ve lost direction. The planet seems splintered into more and more divergent factions. But what can a made-up Lost and Found Day do to help? Honestly, not much, but it can serve as a reminder and an inspiration.

Maybe we’ve got hats to spare
Old umbrellas everywhere
Maybe we just throw our things away
But sometimes it seems to me
A little metaphorically
We treat people just the same

We all experience loss in our lives. Let’s try to appreciate what we have, while we have it. Let’s try to appreciate who we have, while we have them. Let’s try to take care of our stuff…and each other.

Let’s try.

We gotta start somewhere, sometime. It might as well be on Official Lost and Found Day.

About LostandFound

We at Lost and Found Day seek to help reconnect those who have lost an object with the object they have lost. How? By encouraging everyone to celebrate Lost and Found Day, of course!
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