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The second Friday of each December the world turns its attention to Official Lost and Found Day.  And if it doesn’t, well it should.  It is on that day that we take a moment to recall the stuff we’ve lost and perhaps make an effort to find it.


That coat we think we left at the movie theater but, well, it’s not on the way and when we called all we got was movie times?  It might still be there.  The glasses we left when we got coffee?  Sure we had an extra pair at home but we wouldn’t forget $50 there and not go back for it, would we?  The thing is, the $50 would probably be long gone, but the glasses?  Probably sitting in an assistant managers desk drawer.


And what about the backpack you left at school.  You checked once or twice at the main office and it wasn’t there but perhaps somebody grabbed it by mistake because it looked just like theirs and after it sat in their dorm room for two weeks they finally brought it back to school and now the backpack is there waiting for you.  Don’t assume the worst?  Take another look.


Official Lost and Found Day is a day for renewed hope and belief that lost items should never be forgotten or abandoned to lost and found limbo.  Please take a moment on Official Lost and Found Day to make one more effort, one more leap of faith, that what you’ve lost isn’t gone, it’s just not conveniently handy.  Reach out, make a call, stop by the office, retrace your steps.  What was lost can be found.  It’s up to you.

About LostandFound

We at Lost and Found Day seek to help reconnect those who have lost an object with the object they have lost. How? By encouraging everyone to celebrate Lost and Found Day, of course!
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